Not So Newbies On The Block

/ Tuesday, 12 August 2014 /
Hey guys,'s been a while.  Don't kill me!  I have a post!

So as you may have realised i've been incognito for the past month, and there is a good reason for that. You see people I was at a wedding, which covered two weeks (thats how us Indian's role) and then I had heaps of family over from overseas prior to that (due to the wedding).  It's been a crazy time.  Not to mention the weekend stint to Melbourne.  Yes people I went to Melbourne (my thoughts will be relayed in a post).

As of late i've been searching high and low on the Internet for the perfect outfit for a friends Moulin Rouge themed birthday.  I'm not going to lie, blood sweat and tears has been put into the preparation for this outfit.  Alright i'm getting a bit ahead of myself, more like endless nights of window shopping on the net.  Whilst perusing the net, however, I have come across three brands which I think all Australian's need to be privy too.  They need to embrace them, love them, and just stare in awe.  Enjoy this visual orgasm you are about to receive. 


Chanel Musings

/ Monday, 5 May 2014 /

If there is one high end designer that everyone covets, it's got to be Chanel.  There's something about this brand and the people behind it that really speak out to people.  Which is why this monday's musings are about Chanel, and everything about it.  Enjoy!


Impulse Buys

/ Friday, 2 May 2014 /

| Tigerlily Dress | Decjuba Knit | Seed Sandals (Similar Here) | Thomas Sabo Ring | Pandora Rings |

Impulse buys have become a serious ailment in my life.  I just can't help myself when I see something pretty on the hanger.  This outfit post is an ode to this self inflicted bankruptcy.  Think of it as a silver lining, to an otherwise seriously addictive habit.  Tigerlily is my kryptonite, and almost everyone that knows me can attest to this fact.  Therefore, the minute I stepped into Tigerlily on my lunch break, it was enivtable that I would come out with a shopping bag in hand. Now what can I say about this dress.  It's beautiful, a winter maxi which can be transitioned to any season.  It can be dressed up and down, I have the perfect shoes for a luncheon (now if only someone would have a luncheon).  I fell head over heels people, it was love at first sight.  There was so much love, I even wore it on the day I bought it, a nice dinner with my sister in Manly.  The perfect place to embrace the inner boho within me and let it be free.  Do you like?


Shoe Cult

/ Wednesday, 30 April 2014 /

| One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six |

I know I have a problem, it's all good though, because i've come to terms with it an so should you.  Yes people I have a shoe addiction.  I'm pretty sure half the population (especially the girls) do too.  In fact i'm proud of my shoe addiction, because it means I have no self control when I buy pretty shoes.  Who would want self control when buying shoes anyway.  You'd hardly have any choices, because yes you do need 20 pairs of black heels, it's common knowledge.  Therefore, with this addiction in mind it's only common sense to show you my current shoe wish list.  All these lovelies are from Shoe Cult, my new therapy session.  Enjoy!


Travel Bug

/ Monday, 28 April 2014 /

I think it's that time of year, when it slowly gets colder and you just need to get out before you freeze. I'm going through that now, I absolutely need to go away.  Unfortunately i'm probably going to end up staying at home through the winter.  So, i've resorted to looking at photos of nice big cities, places where i'd love to get lost in.  For now i'll settle for the photos, but soon i'm going to combust and then a plane ticket will be paid for and i'll be on my way.

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