Did You See The Braid on Her?

/ Sunday, 22 April 2012 /
If anyone knows me at all they'll know one single fact, i'm borderline obsessive with my hair.  It has to look perfect every single minute of the day, no exceptions!  In highschool I would spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting my hairstyle for the day.  Now that i'm in university i've gotten a tad lazy, correction i've become the epitome of bedhead.  It's sad because I do love doing pretty things to my hair, but then again I also love that extra hour of sleep.  I'm hoping these gorgeous photos will give me some motivation!



{ Lily } on: 22 April 2012 14:43 said... [Reply]

I really like the braid with the high bun, super chic!


{ MONI } on: 23 April 2012 05:38 said... [Reply]

gorgeous! specially the first one!


{ erica marie } on: 23 April 2012 15:09 said... [Reply]

Completely in love with the 2nd hairstyle...so gorgeous. I wish I spent more time on my hair as well...maybe one day...lol

xo erica

{ Maria Alejandra } on: 23 April 2012 15:46 said... [Reply]

I'm obsessed with braids!! Wish it was easier to get them done!!
XOXO, Maria from SS.


{ Katie's Bliss } on: 24 April 2012 01:40 said... [Reply]

I always admire people who can creatively braid their hair! I can do a regular braid and a french braid but that's about it :)


{ Tiffany } on: 24 April 2012 16:57 said... [Reply]

ooh they are all gorgeous!! the braids look so nice

{ Mira } on: 25 April 2012 18:12 said... [Reply]

sadly i can´t braid my hair but i love the looks


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