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Surprise! I came back a few weeks ago from another holiday.  It's amazing how I just keep on popping them out one by one.  It's been a good year, let's just keep it at that.  This little trip in particular was a special one, as it was my way of beginning my adult life.  In other words I turned 21 in September and this was my gift to myself.  Damn I did good!
There isn't really a point in telling you how amazing this trip was, i'd rather just show you.  The pictures do all the talking anyhow.  What I will say though is that if I had a replenishing bank account I would be back there in an instant.  Alas a girls gotta work!

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Merry Christmas Guys!!!!


{ Alessandra } on: 9 January 2014 08:05 said... [Reply]

I've only just came across your blog but I love it and I plan on sticking around.
That holiday looks like so much fun and that sea looks incredible.

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