Shoes Are A Girl's Best Friend

/ Thursday, 9 January 2014 /
Happy new year lovely readers!!  To ring in 2013 it's without question to do a post on my one achilles heel.  Shoes.  I really can't control myself when it comes to shoe stores, someone has to hold me back as I turn into Golem staring at each shoe going 'my precious'.  It's a serious obsession and I should probably be placed in shoes anonymous.  Fortunately, I haven't which is why I can continue my crazed obsession and show you guys my new favourite shoe for the rest of summer.  Sneakers, loafers, creepers, there are so many different names for this one shoe i've been coveting that even i'm confused. Thank god for pictures.  These beauties are the perfect mix between comfortable and sports chic, meaning I can wear them to my weekly shopping trips and not feel like a grandma by the end of it.  In all honesty, they may super popular in Sydney's summer, but these could carry through the whole year, bet yet a few years.  They really are timeless.  So without further ado, you may now drool over my new loves, which will be purchased as soon as I find the perfect ones.  I've got my eye on a few which can be found here, here and here!  Enjoy.



{ Sonja Dejanovic } on: 10 January 2014 01:50 said... [Reply]

I love the Chanel ones!I've been craving for them so long!

{ Denisa } on: 12 January 2014 04:34 said... [Reply]

I would like to have that Chanel one. Have a great weekend.

{ Anthea Lau } on: 14 January 2014 04:46 said... [Reply]

I totally have to agree on your post title - I'm a complete shoe addict. And ever since I saw those Chanel espadrilles I have been completely hooked.

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AL xx
RASSP blog

{ jaime olsen } on: 10 March 2014 10:56 said... [Reply]

the Chanel ones are my fav!!

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